3 Removalist Services You Can Ask for Besides Moving Your Furniture

When you are about to move, you probably know that a removalist can load your furniture onto a truck and transport your items to your new location. But there are other services that removalists offer that can be equally beneficial when you are moving, so to help you out, there are some non-transportation services that many removalists can provide.


If you don't have the time or energy to box up all of your goods, a removalist can send moving workers to your home or office to pack all your items. Typically, removalists will generate a master list of all your items and as they pack each box, they will label it so you know exactly what items are in each box. Removalists offer full-packing service, or half-packing service.

Full-packing includes all the furniture and other items in your home, which will be boxed, padded and wrapped. Half-packing only involves things that are fragile such as antiques, which often require expert boxing to prevent them from being damaged.


Similar to packing services, removalists can also unpack your items when they transport your goods to your new destination. Unpacking can be laborious; if you don't have the time, a removalist can take care of that for you. A full unpacking service would include taking all your furniture and placing it exactly where you want it to go as well as unpacking boxes for your kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms.

You can also choose a half-unpacking service (similar to the half-packing service) in which only your fragile items are unpacked and placed where you want them. Most people choose to pair full packing and full unpacking or half-packing and half-unpacking, just to make the process easier.


Many removalists now offer cleaning services in which they will come into your old place, your new place or both and thoroughly clean the premises. This is especially valuable if you are moving from a house or flat in which leaving the place spotless is one of the conditions of receiving your deposit back. This type of service is known as bond cleaning, as it is written this way in many tenancy agreements.

Many removalists will offer a bond cleaning guarantee, which means that if you don't receive your total deposit back, they will pay you the difference. Removalists will clean your bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedrooms, including sweeping and mopping the floors, disinfecting, deodorizing and even carpet cleaning if that's required.

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