Tips to Making the Most of Self-Storage Space

If you are moving house and find that your newer home is smaller than your previous one, your first major concern will be storage space. Ideally, you could put your stuff up for sale and try to make some quick cash to facilitate the move, but this needs a lot of time as well as planning, especially if you are intending on offloading numerous items. If you can't sell your extra belongings right away, you may have to consider leasing some self storage space to keep your items safe until you find room for them or have time to sell them off. Here are some tips you can use to make the most of leasing self storage space.

Invest in pallets

A common misconception people have is that the shelving provided by the storage space will be sufficient for their items. Granted, this may work for some people, but most times, you will find you need extra space to facilitate fitting all your things together without them at risk of damaging each other. One of the best ways of remedying this is through the use of pallets. Pallets can easily fit atop of each other, making it easier for you to organize the storage space. Additionally, pallets also work toward protecting the items they are storing. For instance if you plan on leaving some items on the floor to make use of all the space available, those items may be at risk of damage if water seeps into the storage unit. Keeping all items on pallets will give you peace of mind that not only are they stored correctly, but that they are less likely to acquire damages.

Take note of temperature changes

Changing temperatures may not affect regular items such as furniture and the like. However, temperature changes can wreak havoc to any electronic items that you are storing in your unit. When the temperature in your unit keeps changing, it causes moisture to form in the electrical devices. This moisture can then cause serious damage to your items and render them useless once you take them out of storage. To prevent this, the first thing you could do is opt for temperature controlled storage units. However, these tend to be pricier to lease out than regular storage units are. The other alternative would be to ensure that all your electrical devices have been enclosed in shrink-wrap to keep them dry. Also, ensure that you take out any batteries from these devices before putting them in storage, as the batteries may swell and end up causing irreparable damage.

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