Five Storage Tips for People Who Live in Mobile Homes

Mobile homes can be a cozy, affordable place to live, but they don't always offer enough storage space. If you are wondering what to do about storage, here are some tips to consider. There are a range of solutions that may work depending on your situation.

1. Add a garage or shed.

The easiest solution to mobile home storage is adding extra storage space next to your mobile home. A shed or a new garage are perfect. However, if you don't have the space or the budget to add those items, you may want to consider hiring a storage unit off site.

2. Only pay extra for climate control if you need it.

If you are storing electronics, artwork, photographs or other items that may get damaged by inconsistent temperatures or high humidity levels, hire a climate controlled storage unit. However, if you are storing garden tools or old clothes, you may not need to pay extra for that feature. If you would be happy storing those items in a drafty garage or a hot attic, they are likely fine in a basic storage garage that isn't insulated or climate controlled.

3. Think about the cost as a living expense.

Although hiring a storage locker costs a bit of money, you should think of it as a living expense. Mobile homes are typically less expensive than many other types of home, but in exchange for affordability, you may end up giving up amenities such as garages or room for a shed. In that case, don't see the expense as a burden. Just consider it as a living expense.

4. Choose a facility close to home.

If you are storing items that you use on a relatively regular basis, make sure that you choose a storage facility that is close to your mobile home. That way, you can easily access the items as needed. When comparing prices, also take into account the hassles associated with driving. In some cases, it may make sense to pay more for a storage locker if it's more convenient and close to home than a cheaper option that's far away.

5. Organise your storage locker with accessibility in mind.

When putting stuff in your storage locker, think about how often you are going to need those items. Arrange everything in columns so you can walk through the space and see what you need, and place the items you use the most near the front of the storage unit. If possible, put shelves in the units, as they are easier to manage than piles of stuff.