Self Storage Tips: Get the Right Access

One of the main advantages of self storage from a facility like Allsafe Self Storage Complex is the fact that you can store stuff you don't need to use regularly away from your home or office, accessing it only when you need it. However, you may not always get 24/7 access, and it's worth checking the opening hours and access policy of a self storage facility before you rent space to make sure you get access that suits you.

Check Standard Opening Times

Some self storage companies offer 24/7 access; others have more restricted hours, for example between 8am and 6pm. Bear in mind that not all companies have the same opening hours at weekends, and some may close earlier or even shut down completely on Sundays.

It's important to find a facility with hours that suit you. If you use a company that keeps to office hours or that restricts access at weekends, you may not be able to get to your unit at the times that suit you. For example, you'll find the whole self storage experience frustrating, if the company doesn't open in the evening, and you can't get there during the day.

Check Holiday Hours

Even if a self storage company operates 24/7, it may not be open every day of the year. Companies may close over Easter and Christmas, and may offer restricted hours on other public holidays. You may be too busy being festive to worry about access on Christmas Day, but this may be limiting if you want to use spare time on other public holidays to shift things in or out of storage,

Check Site Security

Some self storage companies have employees on site whenever they are open; others may only be manned during office hours. If you think you'll want to access your unit in the late evening or at night on an unmanned site, make sure to check out the company's security and lighting options. Typically, companies have security solutions in place, such as perimeter fencing, keypad or key access, security patrols and CCTV. You'll also feel a lot safer in a facility that has lighting in the car park, on the paths into the building and in its interior.

Check Visitor Policies

There may be times when you want to allow a family member, friend or colleague to access your unit. While some self storage companies allow you to control who uses your key or code, others may have rules on who can enter the facility. According to uShip, self storage companies may require you to notify them if you're allowing other people to access your storage, and they may need to provide documentation and proof of ID to get in.

Tip: Check the self storage's terms and conditions on employee access before you rent space. According to uShip, the company's employees should not enter your unit unless there is an emergency, or you have defaulted on your payment agreement.