Five Essential Storage Tips for Storing Flags

If you are storing a flag in your self storage unit at a place like Bunbury Self Storage, there are a few tips you should follow to make sure your flag is safe and well preserved. If you want to pick up a whole, unblemished flag rather than a tattered, moth-bitten rag at the end of your storage period, take a look at these ideas. They allow you to store your flag without fear or worry:

1. Do not store your flag by a window.

Unfortunately, if you store your flag by a window, the sun's hot rays could start to deteriorate the fabric, and the sun could also bleach the flag, leaving it faded. If the flag is folded, the bleaching can become even more problematic as only the exposed parts of your flag will be bleached, and it won't be consistent.

2. Choose a temperature-controlled facility.

Humidity can also hurt your flag. It can make the flag's material moist, which can cause the flag to develop mildew or even mold. Whether you are storing your flag at home or in a storage unit, look for a temperature-controlled facility with low humidity. Don't store your flag in a shed or garage where the temperature is constantly changing.

3. Keep your flag away from wood.

If you are storing lumber, wood furniture, wood pallets or anything else made of wood, don't place your flag near these items. Unfortunately, the stain as well as the natural acids in wood can leach onto fabric, causing it to be damaged or discoloured.

4. Use clean lengths of cotton rather than mothballs.

If you are worried about moths getting to your flag, don't store it in mothballs. Overtime, they can leave an unpleasant odour in fabrics that can be challenging to remove. Instead, before you fold your flag, lay a clean sheet of cotton or acid-free storage paper on it. Then, fold the flag with the cotton or paper inside the flag.

That prevents dyes from running on the flag, and it stops friction which could wear down the flag's material over time. Finally, using cotton or paper also provides a protective layer against moths.

5. Store your flag in the right type of container.

The container you use to hold your flag is also important. To help keep moths away, consider storing your flag in an airtight plastic container such as a plastic bag or a plastic bin with a lid.