How to Improve the Security of Your Apartment Building

If you are the manager or owner of an apartment building, protecting your tenants should be one of your top priorities. This includes better safety measures in the apartments and on the property. Here are a few ways to have better security in your apartment building.

Install Deadbolts On All Doors

A good way to protect your tenants and employees is by having deadbolt locks installed on all doors of the property, including the rental office and all of the apartments. Deadbolts might cost a little more, but they are harder for a potential intruder to break into. It is worth it for the safety of your employees who are in the rental office after hours and want to lock the door, in addition to keeping your tenants safer. In addition to the better locks, have a strict key control system in place to where only approved individuals have access to apartment door keys.

Have Plenty of Lighting

One thing that often deters intruders is having proper lighting; however, lighting also helps secure the building in other ways. For example, if you have outdoor lights around the property and someone is walking to their apartment at night, there is less risk of an injury due to not seeing where they are going. Lighting also helps to deter criminals since it makes them more visible, which is definitely not what they want when trying to break into someone's home. Consider motion detector lights in front of main apartment buildings and the office so the criminal will think twice before breaking in.

Get Locking Commercial Mailboxes

This is very important in order to ensure tenants are only able to see and retrieve their own mail instead of mail belonging to someone else. This makes everyone feel more secure in that their mail and packages won't be visible to others. It is important for both security and privacy purposes for your tenants. For an indoor apartment building, there are wall commercial mailbox units, or you can get a standing unit if you are placing it outside.

Consider On-Site Security

To have the most secure property, consider increasing your on-site security. You can start by having surveillance cameras installed that will look for potential issues and alert the authorities for suspicious behavior. Also consider having security guards that walk around the property at night to look for signs of trouble and hopefully deter criminals.