Should You Declutter Before You Hire Self Storage Space?

People use self storage for various reasons. Some use a facility to store the contents of their homes for short periods between home moves; others use units as overflows to clear space at home for everyday living. Whatever reason you have for using self storage, you should think hard about the things you'll store before you hire space. This can be a really good time to declutter. Why Declutter? According to Body and Soul magazine, organising your life by decluttering can have psychological benefits, giving you more mental space and making you feel more positive. [Read More]

Five Essential Storage Tips for Storing Flags

If you are storing a flag in your self storage unit at a place like Bunbury Self Storage, there are a few tips you should follow to make sure your flag is safe and well preserved. If you want to pick up a whole, unblemished flag rather than a tattered, moth-bitten rag at the end of your storage period, take a look at these ideas. They allow you to store your flag without fear or worry: [Read More]

Self Storage Tips: Get the Right Access

One of the main advantages of self storage from a facility like Allsafe Self Storage Complex is the fact that you can store stuff you don't need to use regularly away from your home or office, accessing it only when you need it. However, you may not always get 24/7 access, and it's worth checking the opening hours and access policy of a self storage facility before you rent space to make sure you get access that suits you. [Read More]