Tips to Making the Most of Self-Storage Space

If you are moving house and find that your newer home is smaller than your previous one, your first major concern will be storage space. Ideally, you could put your stuff up for sale and try to make some quick cash to facilitate the move, but this needs a lot of time as well as planning, especially if you are intending on offloading numerous items. If you can't sell your extra belongings right away, you may have to consider leasing some self storage space to keep your items safe until you find room for them or have time to sell them off. [Read More]

Cold Rooms for Food Storage: Maintenance and Care Tips

The cold room is an important asset in the food production and service industry. The space is designed to keep raw perishables and processed food products fresh for human consumption. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that the cold room is maintained properly. The care practices will improve performance and energy efficiency in your business. Moreover, the preserved food will limit the growth of microorganisms, which can cause food poisoning and other conditions. [Read More]

Essential Considerations When Building Storage Sheds

Storage sheds are good extra storage rooms that can de-clutter your backyard and also add value to your home. If you have extra space in your compound, a storage shed is a good addition for avoiding trips, for instance, with lawn mowers and rakes to the basement or other areas of your home. Storage sheds can also be used as workstations for many projects in your home. You do not, however, want to end up with a shed that does not satisfy all your envisioned needs. [Read More]

Tips to Remember When Keeping Your Books in a Self Storage Unit

Your apartment may have become congested over time, and you now want to get a self-storage unit where you can keep your book collection. Read on and discover some helpful tips that will ensure that your valued collection is safe from damage while it is in self storage. Don't Place the Boxes Directly on the Floor Imagine that the self-storage unit flooded and the boxes containing your books were lying on the floor. [Read More]