How Weatherproof Does Your New Storage Unit Have to Be?

A storage unit needs to be solid and secured, otherwise, what's the point? But different storage units have different levels of defence against one force that you might not have considered: the weather. Before you hire a storage unit, do you need to think about how weatherproof the unit will be? Repel the Weather Clearly, even the most basic storage unit needs to repel the weather—keeping out wind and rain. Weatherproofing doesn't technically require any effort on your part beyond choosing the most appropriate unit in the first place. [Read More]

3 Reasons Why People are Opting for 3 PL Logistics

Warehousing is a crucial part of any business that involves buying and selling physical goods. The efficiency with which you manage your warehouse can make or break your business. The initial cost and lifetime investment in warehousing maintenance determine your business's bottom line. Therefore, if you have started and are running a small business, you should think carefully before choosing a specific warehousing model. Third-party logistics is an arrangement where you hire another company to handle the warehousing part of your business as you focus on development and engaging the customers. [Read More]

Reasons to Use a Storage Unit When You're a Student

Pursuing your education beyond school is an exciting prospect. At the same time, it can come with logistical challenges. Those challenges are especially pronounced when it comes to managing where you'll keep your stuff at various times during the academic year. Here are some reasons why a storage unit may benefit you. Safety During Your Absence It's unlikely that you'll spend the entirety of your academic year in your student accommodation. [Read More]

What Are the Pros of Owning a Temperature-Controlled Storage Unit?

Your typical storage unit might not be enough to protect some items. Sensitive goods can easily get damaged when exposed to unfavourable temperatures. That is why you need a different kind of storage to preserve such goods in proper condition.  In this case, a climate-controlled storage unit is what you need. As the name suggests, these units maintain the inner temperatures to protect items stored in them. You can keep your antique or favourite guitar without worrying about rusting or mould damaging it. [Read More]